Whats changed for Rental Properties in Leicester?

Rental Properties in Leicester

Taylors Residential Letting Agent in Leicester are please to say that Micki Bond has now been a valued member of our Leicestershire Lettings team for 11 years! Her vast knowledge and experience of properties to rent in leicester makes her irreplaceable asset to the property management team and Taylors as a whole. Over her time here we have asked Micki what changes she has noticed within the Leicestershire rental housing market, any changes she would like to say and also how she has found her time at Taylors.


Interviewed at the Taylors Letting Agent branch in Sileby, here is what she has to say :

The development of Rent Guarantee Schemes in Leicester. Many years ago making the call to a landlord to say ‘Your tenant hasn’t paid the rent again’ was so much more difficult. The scheme we have in place now means neither we nor the landlord lose sleep if the tenant falls on hard times. The rent & all legal expenses are covered if a tenant gets into financial trouble.

The introduction of the Deposit Protection Scheme in Leicester, which offers tenants confidence that their deposit is secure. Whilst a sound idea in principle it’s slightly let down by being over complex. I’d welcome any move to streamline & simplify the scheme.

During my time with Taylors I have got to know some really great people and made some great friends from the people I work with to Landlord’s, Tenant’s and the team of Contractor’s.

Micki helps Landlords find tenants in Leicester and assists people looking for affordable rental properties in Leicester find their ideal rental property.

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